OXO Good Grips Compost Bin – Charcoal

Finally a compost bin that makes the environmentally responsible task of food scrap collection and convenient. Blending with most any kitchen decor, the sleek white bin can be kept within arm’s reach during all of your cooking prep so you can effortlessly stash kitchen waste, streamlining clean-up and keeping garbage out of our landfills. A hinged lid flips up easily with a swift one-handed motion and stays open by itself while you dump waste inside; lid was also designed to click off in a single rotation so it is out of the way completely when emptying scraps for composting. The bin has a convenient handle, is generously sized to store a few days of waste and has a smooth, rounded interior to allow for easy unloading and cleaning and the filter-free bin keeps food scraps conveniently out of sight without the cost of replacement filters.